1. How do I know which is the right size for my helmet? (cm-size table)

The correct helmet size can be easily found by measuring the circumference of the head at temple height, then comparing the measurement in cm with the table at this page:


We would also like to remind you that trying on the helmet before buying it is crucial for your safety. Buying a helmet that is too big, while initially appearing more comfortable, can in fact considerably lower the level of protection offered.

It is important to remember that there may be differences in fit between models and/or versions of the same model: this is the result of the continuous innovations and improvements that Premier Helmets applies to its products, to offer the perfect combination of comfort and safety.

2. What material is a Premier Helmets helmet made of?

Premier Helmets are made from the finest fibres: Carbon, Dyneema, Aramid Fibre and Epoxy Resin.

One of the best-known forms of carbon is diamond, known to be not only extremely valuable, but also one of the most resistant substances in the world. Applying this fibre to the production of the shell of our helmets makes them highly impact-resistant.

All the fibres used in the production of our motorbike helmets help us guarantee the quality and strength of each product.

3. Where can I buy Premier Helmets?

Our products can be purchased directly from this site. However, if you prefer to try on your helmet, you will find many of our sales outlets throughout the country, as well as an extensive network of importers throughout Europe; all this information can be found in the ‘Find a dealer’ section of this site.

4. How can I receive a Premier Helmets catalogue?

Our catalogues and other promotional products can be obtained from your nearest authorised sales outlet, or by contacting us at the contact details you will find in the ‘Contact’ section of this site.

5. What type approval has been certified for Premier Helmets sold in Europe?

All our helmets are type-approved according to the current standard, as also shown by the label sewn onto the strap of the retention system. The standard currently in force from January 2021 is ECE Regulation 22.06, but at the moment we are still in the long transitional phase according to which it is still possible to produce and market helmets with the previous homologation (ECE 22.05), which are still suitable for both sale and use.

Our company, however, decided to adapt to the change abruptly, and as early as 2022 obtained 22.06 certification for the best-selling models in both the technical and vintage ranges.

6. Where can I find information on prices and availability of Premier Helmets products?

You can check prices and availability by clicking on the model of your interest in the relevant section of this site. For any further information you can contact us at the contact details you find in ‘Contact us’, or ask your nearest sales outlet, which you can consult in the ‘Find a retailer’ section.

7. Is it possible to purchase Premier Helmets products directly from this site?

Yes, you can buy our products on this site.

Premier Helmets recommends that you try on your helmet before purchase (when possible), so that you can be sure that you have chosen the correct size. If you do not have the opportunity to try on the helmet in person at one of our authorised dealers, we recommend that you measure your head circumference and choose your size in accordance with the table in FAQ 1. If 

the helmet is too small or too large, you can adjust the size by changing the interior; otherwise, we invite you to return the helmet for a size change.

8. Can a helmet that has suffered an impact or that has fallen off still be considered safe?

A helmet that has been involved in an accident or has suffered an impact must be replaced. An impact, even a relatively light one, can damage the integrity of the shell or inner lining, even if there is no obvious external damage.

For these reasons, a helmet involved in an accident and/or beaten should never be reused, and in any case it becomes indispensable to have the helmet returned to the company in order to be able to carry out the appropriate technical expertise.

9. What kind of warranty do I have on a Premier helmet?

Premier Helmets guarantees the replacement of products if they have structural defects attributable to the manufacturer. In the case of problems with the paintwork of the shell, direct inspection by our specialist technicians is necessary in order to assess the effectiveness of the guarantee. Minor defects such as small differences in color or gloss compared to the catalog pictures cannot give rise to complaints.

To read the complete information sheet click here.

You can download the specific warranty for Premier Helmets from the ‘Online Warranty’ section of this site. Please also fill in the appropriate form in the same section in order to make the warranty effective and to provide you with a better service.

10. How can I activate the warranty?

The helmet warranty can be activated by filling in the appropriate form on this site in the section "Online Guarantee" section, or by sending an e-mail to info@premier.it.

11. How to clean the helmet properly?

The helmet must only be cleaned with mild soap and water. The use of other types of cleaning agents could cause damage to the shell structure and paintwork. In particular, both the inside and outside of the visor should only be cleaned using soft microfibre cloths, moistened with water if necessary (so as not to damage the active anti-fog coating).

12. Can I wash the inside of my helmet?

The interiors of our products are removable (as indicated in the ‘Instruction Manual’) and washable with lukewarm water and mild soap.

13. Can I customise the graphics on my helmet to my liking?

Premier Helmets does not recommend customising the helmet. The helmet graphics may also be damaged by the simple application of a sticker, due to the glue used by the helmet manufacturers.

If glues, paints, fixative sprays or aggressive solvents are used, the clear coat that protects the graphics and the cap from external agents can also be irreparably damaged.

14. I need a spare part but can’t remember the model. What can I do?

You can trace the model of your helmet from the approval number stitched on the strap, so you can determine exactly what type of accessory you need.

15. What spare parts are available for my helmet?

Each model has a series of accessories designed ad-hoc to implement the functionality of the product. You can consult the accessories that fit your helmet in the ‘Accessories’ section of this site, or in the product sheet of the helmet you are interested in.

16. Where can I find spare parts for my helmet?

Spare parts are generally available from authorised dealers. Unfortunately, however, it is often not easy to find an accessory for an older model in an individual shop.

To overcome this problem, we have created a special section of the site, ‘Accessories’, where you can order spare parts directly from the manufacturer.

This method guarantees faster retrieval of the necessary accessory.

In any case, you can always contact us directly at info@premier.it or at our other contact details available on this site.

17. The visor fogs up. What should I do?

All Premier Helmets full-face helmets are fitted with anti-scratch and anti-fog visors as standard. The inside of the visor should be cleaned very gently, using only soft microfibre cloths, moistened with water if necessary, also to avoid damaging the anti-fog coating.

However, please consider that the anti-fog treatment is subject to wear and tear and that, in particularly critical atmospheric situations with high humidity, its performance may be decreased.

18. I am a commercial agent and/or importer, how can I represent your products?

Contact us and we will show you how you can work with us.

19. I have a shop and I am interested in your products, what should I do?

If you have a shop, contact us and we will show you how you can work with us.

20. I am a rider, can I get sponsored by Premier Helmets?

Premier Helmets is present in many categories and races: contact us at media@premier.it for information on how to become one of our riders.

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