There are people who ride a motorbike, others who let it live.

Our adventure began over 60 years ago, in the United States. Premier Helmets began as a brand for the production of protectors and boards for skateboarding. Over the years, the business extended its product range to motorsports protectors, with excellent results in all American states.

Premier Helmets Pacific Co. is the first company to present a complete line of motorbike helmets. Its success is enormous, thanks in particular to the quality of the materials used and the level of safety provided by each of its products.

 The first Premier Helmets success stories also date back to this period. The first female stuntwoman, Debbie Lawler a.k.a. ‘The Flying Angel’, and several champions, including the legendary Phil Read, used helmets made by the company.

 The brand thus became a benchmark in the motorbike helmet sector.

Premier Helmets is moving to Europe. Maintaining its values and further strengthening its image, it continues to protect anyone with a passion for two wheels, and continues the sporting vocation that had characterised the brand’s previous 30-year history in the United States.

In 1987 Premier Helmets became Italian. Once again it remained true to its history, while at the same time enriching itself with all the potential of the Italian spirit: creativity, design, drive for innovation, unbridled passion for motorcycling. Italians do it better.

Today, Premier Helmets takes another step forward in its evolution. We present the market with a completely renewed range, with an unprecedented content of technology and innovation, while preserving the style and identity that have decreed its great success.

The entire range of motorcycle helmets focuses on rider protection and comfort, combined with style, high technology and extreme functionality, a new step towards a future rooted in the brand’s long history of success.

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