(2 Legal Years + 3 Years Free Extension)

Your new Premier helmet has been carefully designed to meet your every need and to safeguard your safety.

Premier extends to the first purchaser of this new helmet a warranty of up to 5 years (of which 2 years required by law) from the date of purchase and ensures the end customer a product free from defects in materials used or manufacturing defects.

Who is covered by the Warranty? This warranty covers the first purchaser of a Premier helmet and is not transferable.

The Guarantee will be considered valid upon activation of the same, in the manner and time due.

What does the Warranty cover? If the helmet is used normally, Premier guarantees a product free from defects in materials or workmanship.

What does the Warranty NOT cover? The Warranty is extended exclusively to problems related to materials and manufacturing.

Premier is not responsible for the product in the following cases:

  • Damage caused by accidents or accidental falls.
  • Technical modifications made by the user or by third parties (glue, screws, painting, adhesives except if authorized by Premier, Bluetooth application, etc .......)
  • Aging of fabrics and internal padding due to normal use of the helmet.
  • Scratches on the external parts of the shell / possible cracks on the surface or on the visor.
  • Prolonged and abnormal exposure to ultraviolet light. Fluorescent paints are not covered by this warranty and can discolor or deteriorate over time. One of its main reasons is the long exposure to sunlight. There are NO warranties that extend beyond the limited warranty set forth specifically in this manual.
  • Use of harmful chemicals for the external / internal cleaning of the shell and / or visor including denatured alcohol.
  • Presence of mold inside the helmet due to an INCORRECT conservation of the helmet.
  • Misuse, abuse, neglect and / or tampering with the helmet.

Furthermore, Premier cannot cover with its warranty service any problems concerning subjective considerations of the helmet owner such as, problems concerning comfort, size, aerodynamics, noise, whistles etc.

Premier cannot be held responsible for the temporary inactivity of the helmet during the repair process.

How to Activate the Guarantee The 5-year guarantee will be valid only after activating it in the appropriate section of the official Premier website.

To activate it, it will be necessary to correctly fill in all the sections of the form.

To take advantage of the Guarantee, you will need to bring the helmet together with the receipt and / or other proof of purchase to the retailer where you purchased your Premier helmet.

If the purchase was made online, you will still have to contact the online store from which you made the purchase.

Without the activation of the 5-year warranty, it will NOT be valid and the helmet will be covered by the warranty required by law (2 years from the date of purchase).

For the request for intervention to be accepted, the customer must describe the problem encountered to the dealer and deliver the helmet to the dealer.

Be sure to include your Name, Surname, full address and telephone number.

Check that the point of sale contact accurately describes the problem highlighted by you in the Warranty form.

If Premier determines that the helmet has a material or workmanship defect and the helmet is still within the warranty period, all the interventions necessary to restore the helmet will be at the expense of Premier, which, once the necessary interventions have been completed, will deliver at its own expense. helmet at the dealer.

In the event that the repair is not covered by the warranty, it will be in Premier's interest to estimate a cost estimate and communicate it to the customer before carrying out any intervention.

Any payments will be made to the retailer.

This warranty does not interfere with the customer's statutory rights set out in EC directive 1999/44.

The effects of this specific and fixed-term guarantee expire after a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

After this period, if you continue to use the helmet regularly, we recommend that you replace it in order to take advantage of the benefits for optimal protection.

The warranty exemption will be activated only within 5 years from the date of manufacture of the helmet.

If Premier is unable to repair for technical reasons or because a component is unavailable, Premier takes steps to make the customer an advantageous offer.

Depending on the age of the helmet, Premier offers a new copy identical to the original or the equivalent of the range in production at the time of the request for intervention if the original is not available.

When to Activate the Guarantee The Guarantee must be activated according to the procedures indicated by Premier within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The receipt will be valid.

After 30 days from the date of purchase, the Warranty will no longer be available.

Limits Premier reserves the right to carry out interventions outside the warranty service using accessories and spare parts fitted as standard on the most recent versions, but compatible with the model in question and is also unable to guarantee the perfect harmonization of the painting and the decorative elements concerning previous productions and / or limited editions.

The natural deterioration of colors over a period of time can lead to a mismatch between the colors of the helmet and those of the new parts.

No payments will be made for any damages, including without limitation any indirect, incidental or significant damages of any kind or nature.

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